We must stop Trump Coalition formed in the UK

On Monday 20 February, the House of Commons will discuss a petition, signed by over 1.8 million people, to stop the state visit of Donald Trump to Britain. The British NGO „Global Justice now“ has set up together with a wide range of campaign groups and trade unionsa new coalition called Stop Trump

„Together, we are opposing Trump’s state visit, as well as the support which our prime minister is giving to Trump’s policies“, says Nick Dearden, Director of Global Justice Now.

„We believe that Donald Trump’s actions, policies and rhetoric are divisive and dangerous, already targeting those facing discrimination, and making the fight for a fairer world all the more difficult“, he continue his speach.

Why we must stop Trump

Trump’s migration policies, symbolised by the so-called ‘Muslim ban’, are a violation of the US government’s human rights responsibilities. They threaten the whole system of international humanitarian law which attempts, albeit imperfectly, to prevent human rights violations.

Trump’s threat to pull out of international climate deals and promote fossil fuels, will prove disastrous for the environment. it will have a devastating long-term impact on the lives of millions of people in the global south. 

Trump’s deregulatory agenda, applauded by Wall Street, brings another financial crisis one step closer. His dislike of trade deals like NAFTA does not comes from any love of social justice, but rather a belief that the he could sign even more exploitative deals with other countries.

Trump’s military policies threaten another nuclear arms race, and his belligerence brings the threat of more foreign wars a step closer.

Even more concerning to us, these policies are reflected in our own government’s agenda. After meeting Donald Trump last month, the prime minister flew to Turkey to discuss £100million arms sale with president Erdogan, who has arrested tens of thousands of his own citizens, including opposition MPs. May is also using aid money to try to ‘contract out’ our international responsibility towards refugees to other poor countries. 

This must stop. We need answers to the political and economic problems of this world which foster more equality, more democracy, and more climate-friendly policies. Trump offers only more division, more inequality, more fear and hate.

Please join us on Monday 20 February. In London, we aim to get tens of thousands of people to Parliament Square, to put pressure on MPs to cancel the Trump’s state visit.

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On the same day, we’ll also be supporting One Day Without Us, which aims to celebrate the role of migrants in the UK and combat the rise in xenophobia.

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