Philippines 95: Incredible Spirit Healer Skills

Swiss Photojournalist Gerd Müller talking to the local chief of the tribal people in the Philippines
Swiss Photojournalist Gerd Müller talking to the local chief of the tribal people in the Philippines


The author, Gerd Michael Müller, born in Zürich in 1962, traveled as a photo-journalist to more than 50 nations and lived in seven countries, including in the underground in South Africa during apartheid. In the 80 years he was a political activist at the youth riots in Zürich. Then he was involved in pioneering Wildlife & eco projects in Southern Africa and humanitarian projects elsewhere in the world. As early as 1993, Müller reported on the global climate change and in 1999 he founded the «Tourism & Environment Forum Switzerland». Through his humanitarian missions he got to know Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and other figures of light. His book is an exciting mixture of political thriller, crazy social stories and travel reports – the highlights of his adventurous, wild nomadic life for reportage photography .

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On a second trip to the Philippines, I first took a boat trip to explore Palawan Island, Busuanga Island and the Coron Islands, and then went to see Filipino spiritual healers in Luzon. Half a year before, a 25 year old healer came to Switzerland and Germany, who obviously already had cult status. In any case, three dozen people were waiting in Zurich for a short session with the healer. One after the other, the people gathered in a darkened room and briefly told the spiritual healer, who was in a trance, their request, whereupon he examined and palpated them and did strange things before my eyes, such as opening the body with the fingertip in certain places, whereupon the flesh wound opened up and he dipped his fingers into it. The Filipino spiritual healers are said to have the ability to dematerialize their fingers when they are immersed and thus merge with the body tissue. Whether one may believe in this and their ability to remove cancerous tumors is one thing, what I have seen is another. But his fingers, pushed deep into the flesh, immediately became invisible under the surface of the skin and fused with the tissue. There were no more fingertips or tips to be seen, only the base of the finger above the skin surface remained visible. I was able to look at it up close from above and from the side, as incredible as it was. When he pulled the fingers out, it immediately closed the gaping wound and what was left was a slightly reddened area on the surface of the skin. „Absolute madness!“ I have never seen anything like this before and only twice with two spiritual healers, the one in Switzerland and just this one here in Luzon. Since then I perceive the world with different eyes and sensors.

This spiritual craft fascinated me so much that I went to a session in Zurich before without hesitation. My concern was a severe chronic cough due to excessive smoking. So first he penetrated my larynx with his hand, then as he entered my chest I felt a slight spreading pressure on my ribs, but not painful and finally I felt his hands enter my abdominal cavity as well. Fully conscious, I watched as his fingers disappeared into the gaping wound. Just unbelievable the abilities of this young spiritual mind healer, who gets his magic directly donated by the „Virgin Mary“, as he said. But the craziest thing is that the cough instantly disappeared into thin air, the lung function was considerably better and this condition certainly lasted three, four months! Also in the case of my daughter’s mother, who had a cancer smear with a PAP3 finding during pregnancy and therefore went to see the healer, she regenerated herself and the cancer cells after that session. No one would believe the story if I had not taken some proof photos of these surgical cuts and manual, spiritual interventions. This was so fascinating that I wanted to find out more about the healing methods of the Filipino spiritual healers on the island of Luzon and went there. After asking around for a while, I found another spiritual healer there who also treated Western tourists. Similar to Ayurveda in India, word had spread in European circles among cancer patients that there was perhaps hope of being cured in this way when Western medicine came to a halt.

At the healer’s in Luzon, I participated in an electric cable session where the participants shook hands in a circle and then were energized to a low volt connection. The local spiritual healer also opened the bodies with his hands and muddled around in them. Sometimes he pulled out small pieces of tissue and threw them into a plastic bucket next to the examination bed. „These were metastases,“ he explained, and I would have loved to take tissue samples and have them examined. With this spirit healer I was not quite so convinced whether it was not a „Hokuspokus“, because there were also fellow travelers among them, who tried to earn money with the reputation of the spirit healers with western tourists. The young Filipino who was in Switzerland, however, enjoys my highest respect and my unrestricted trust. Finally, the effect of the extraordinary treatment could be verified in some people. The session in Luzon did not seem to have any effect on me, but it did not do any harm either.

At the end of this trip to the Philippines I experienced an unpleasant surprise. I was arrested at the airport when leaving the country. Allegedly because I have the name of a person who was written out in the Philippines and was wanted. In fact, when I first entered the country, the border officials questioned me at length about my name and origin and wanted to know if I had ever been to the Philippines? When I answered in the negative they let me enter. But now the old problem seemed to be back on the radar of the migration authorities and prevented my exit. So I had to go to the Minister of Tourism, on whose invitation I was in the Philippines, to be released and allowed to leave after two days of detention plagued by fever and chills. Had it not been for him, I would have had to travel to Manila and present myself at the Ministry of Justice. Fortunately, I was spared this and in order that other tourists in Switzerland would also be spared something like this if this happened to other travelers, I published the telephone number of the Minister of Justice in the newspaper with the reference that in such a case one should contact the head of the justice authority directly. This reference in the Swiss media was not appreciated by the Philippine Embassy. Even more: A few years later, when I was invited to the Philippines by the press, I was suddenly disinvited again and my efforts at the Philippine Embassy in Bern were also unsuccessful, although I sent them all passport excerpts with my travels abroad. When the Philippine military attaché contacted me with a negative reply and stamped me persona non grata, I knew that the US authorities were certainly behind the maneuver. They certainly had detailed knowledge of my numerous trips to Cuba and the Eastern Bloc. With it I had definitely arrived as a socialist friend on the „NSA“ and „CIA radar“.

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